Program Description

The Open Access Fellowship is a program funded by some of the community development industry’s top companies that attracts and prepares minority professionals for careers in that industry. The fellowship offers a unique opportunity to bring diversity to the world of community development finance. Our fellows are given the opportunity to work for some of the industry’s leading experts in finance and community development. The goal of the program is to provide access for a diverse group of professionals to be trained for careers in the community development industry.

The fellows are provided access to curriculum through virtual training, webinars and conference attendance sponsored by Novogradac & Company LLP. The paid fellowship is a commitment of 160 hours over up to 12 weeks. Fellows are matched with trained professionals for mentoring and career growth opportunities. All applicants are expected to have a 4-year degree or to be current graduating seniors from an accredited institution and must demonstrate an interest in community development finance.

Upon successful completion of the program, fellows are positioned to bring their expertise into the world of community development finance
, coupled with the unique perspective informed by their backgrounds. Fellows are able to promote dialogue on topics dealing with equity, inclusion and representation in an environment that has a direct impact on the lives of low income people and people of color.

Program Components

The Award

The Open Access Fellowship plans to award up to 24 fellowships annually for a 3-month fellowship. This includes up to a $4,000 stipend for the fellow and access to courses provided by Novogradac. 


Fellows will receive mentoring from a professional that they are matched with for a three-month engagement. 

Employment and Contractual Obligations

Fellows must be willing to commit a minimum of 160 hours over up to 12 weeks to this fellowship program. Applicants will interview with potential company sponsors and be matched based on interests and background qualifications for agreed upon scopes of work.