Open Access Fellowship

Our Goal

“Increase representation of Blacks & Latinx professionals, at all levels, in the community development finance industry, targeting New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC)”

Our Approach

Having seen a number of well-intentioned diversity efforts fail, we target early to mid-career professionals for the program. So many other efforts focus on entry-level high school or college hires. Firms bring in diverse talent but, over a short number of years, are not able to sustain or promote that once promising talent. And they lose them to attrition. From data, we know this is due to lack of support, mentorship, and sponsorship.

Our thesis is to train professionals who will enter the field at varied professional levels.

Competent individuals with transferable skills. In aggregate, those individuals will be decision makers with the capacity to both hire and support junior professionals of color.

Our Methodology

  • 10 hours of free online industry training, webinars + conference attendance by Novogradac
  • 4-month, paid fellowship program
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to permanent job placement opportunities

Our Metrics

  • Certificate of training completion by Novogradac
  • 160 hours of paid internship ($25/ hour)
  • Any confirmed placements

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